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composition: stainless / acrylic



The primary obstacle encountered in the hair salon project located in Beijing was the challenge of designing for the flagpole-shaped site. The entrance to the salon is characterized by its notably diminutive dimensions, and access to the hair cutting area requires traversing a lengthy corridor. Given the inaccessibility of the cutting area from outside the salon, it was imperative to create an entryway and corridor that would be both inviting and visually compelling. In light of the profound sense of mental exhaustion experienced by many during these tumultuous times marked by the pandemic, the design of the salon aimed to not only create a luxurious and radiant space but also a cozy and comfortable environment. As such, the floors and walls were carefully adorned with warm-toned natural stones and woods such as travertine and limestone.

project data
realization: 2022

location: beijing, china

composition: stainless / acrylic

photos: Wen Studio / 123 architects

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