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composition: stainless / resin

35cm x 35cm x 42cm


Space is recognized as the composition of various things. Floors, walls, ceilings, and within them the furniture, colors and materials, illumination by natural light or electrical lighting, the people using that space or the time of use. the space is grasped from the way that various elements are woven together.

The outlines of the objects that form the space are like the outlines of the buildings that create a city skyline, and the accumulation of the object outlines and boundaries can be considered a major element creating that space. This is a project that was designed by focusing those outlines.

From the afterimage that remains in a photograph, you can see the movement or the feeling of speed of a certain time, one moment in a single frame, and as the outline becomes ambiguous it makes the boundary ambiguous and everything becomes melted and mixed together.

Rather than an object independent from its surroundings, we aimed for a design that can be unique and yet blend in with the surrounding environment. The outline is ambiguous like that afterimage, and from the dynamic detail, this stool's designed wavy mirrored surface creates many reflective surfaces, and the surrounding environment appears in multifaceted reflections. It is not designed to stand apart from the surrounding environment, but rather is designed to dissolve into its surroundings like the afterimage of a photograph.

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