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​Photo Studio

The site, Qikeshu, is near the 798 Art Zone, in northeast Beijing. This is an area with several movie and photo studios that are housed in old brick factories. This is a project to renovate an existing two-story factory in the area, turning it into a photo studio. Instead of merely functioning as an ordinary photo studio, the second floor will be a social space for VIPs.


The space will make use of the existing factory's industrial and classical look while contrasting with the luxurious and futuristic aspects of its amenities. There will also be a combination of elements not in the original design, such as using mirror balls in the bathrooms.

With the collision and intermingling of these different design elements, we are aiming for a surrealistic effect that will give rise to an effect on the senses of those who experiencing it. In doing so, we are designing the space with the idea of making it look like an art gallery. Instead of just being used as a photo studio, the hope is that it will give visitors a special experience while stimulating their senses and also be considered a place where various people can interact with each other.

Project Data
Realization: 2019

​Location: Qikeshu, Beijing, China

Area: 480sqm / 2 floors

Contractor: Beijing zhenbangyuanjing decoration engineering co., ltd.

Photos: Jin Weiqi


Brick is used for the facade based on the existing context that the location was formerly a factory site, and a balcony with organic curved surfaces and openings has been built on the second floor. By painting the bricks in silver while preserving the texture, the old existing material is being used while creating a new polished appearance that was not present before.


The walls of the vaulted entrance lobby have a futuristic, curved surface that contrasts with the existing industrial ceiling while referencing the details of classical columns, creating a warm and bright space. The star-shaped light hanging in the center is designed to provide an impression of soft light that gently welcomes visitors.


The white room in the reception area that functions as a lounge features a modern design with right angles that complements the orange lobby area.


The photo studio is a normal and simple, white double-height space that is visually connected with the balcony of the workspace on the second floor. Curtains are used to divide up the room, and the room can also seamlessly be used with the entrance lobby.


The dining room is where people using the studio can take a break or have a meal. Lighting and mirrors are used inside classic picture frames to create a dining room that is similar to an art gallery. A makeup room with a shower is located next door featuring classical details.


The entire second floor is used for VIPs, and the round room on the side of the exterior wall is a VIP lounge. Sofas are positioned next to the luxurious fabric wall, and cheap mirrors, like those found on public roads, have been installed on the ceiling to create a gentle, curved surface.


The second-floor VIP makeup room with lights studded on the walls. The dressing table is shaped like a cloud, and the light bulb above it resembles a floating star.


Next to makeup room is a VIP bathroom is larger than normal and is a long and narrow room. The silver room is a special bathroom with a mirror ball.