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cultural centre (competition)


SITE1: Overlap

Architectural design for cultural centre building renewal design competition. The design of the traditional building is preserved, with a new space designed around the existing architecture. A modern white fiberglass mesh offers transparency that while visibly new, still references and compliments the existing building’s shape giving it a renewed aesthetic. Space separates the existing building with the new mesh design, allowing one to visually and spatially experience the differences between the historical and contemporary elements. On the west side of the building we have designed a cylindrical volume that extends from the building and functions as a book bar. The use of the mesh material on the entirety of the exterior creates an overall unity between the new and the old building.

project data

location: china

building area: 530.29sqm / 2 floors

building height: 8.1m


SITE2: Floating

It is necessary to respect the history and local culture of the area, while also designing for the future. With the rapid progress in technological innovation, our lifestyles and the way we use buildings have altered. It is important to form a cohesive relationship between the old and the new design, rather than simply rebuilding from the ground up. In order to preserve the historical and cultural heritage, we have retained the original building and its traditional roof while designing a new volume that hovers above.

project data

location: china

building area: 368.13sqm / 2 floors

building height: 7.7m

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