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blue mist


"Blue Mist" is the design of a beauty salon in Beijing, that draws visual and formal influences from water and the seaside, resulting in a cool and calming space. The interior is characterized by gently curved walls that are finished with a white-blue gradation that recalls ocean mist and waves. Subtly connecting the space as a whole in a fluid way, they divide the salon into different zones, while also keeping it open to allow for a variety of services and activities to happen in a small area. The dynamic curved walls are also organized to create functional flow throughout, making it possible to gain access to each of the zones from more than one direction. Organically shaped furniture and spatial configurations have been realized and organized in a way that will enable the salon to host lectures and shows, providing experiences that have not previously been considered in this kind of space.

project data

realization: 2019

location: beijing, china

area: 213sqm

contractor: Beijing zhenbangyuanjing decoration engineering co., ltd.

photos: Chenxiyu

blue mist
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