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mountain viewing platform (competition)

dancing dragon


Tanglang Mountain Country Park is located at the junction of Nanshan District, Longhua District and Futian District in Shenzhen. Tanglang Peak, the main peak of Tanglang Mountain, is the highest point in the central area of Shenzhen, offering a panoramic view of Shenzhen. 360 degrees from the top of the mountain, allowing to see everywhere in Shenzhen. 


From the top of the planned site, you can see the entire city of Shenzhen, and it is a place that has a connection with the sea, the earth, and the sky. From the top of the planned site, there is a beautiful view of the entire city of Shenzhen, and it is a place that has a connection with the sea, the earth, and the sky. The roads in the park also lead visitors to the summit like a dragon climbing to the sky in an s-shape. The proposed design is inspired by the dragon and provides a new visitor experience in harmony with the entire mountain and Shenzhen city.

It is a small platform located at 382.7m above sea level. It has a flat plan like a dragon’s claw with all directions so that you can see a multi-direction view. You can see the platform of JIMU PAVILION PLATFORM and make a visual relationship between them.
A small slope car is located on the north side of the platform for access by people with reduced mobility. The structure is steel and the exterior is copper.

dancing dragon

The copper for the exterior is weather resistant and can be used for a long time. It’s also suitable for partial maintenance by constructing with a small panel like the dragon skin. The color of copper changes year by year and will turn green in 20 years. This is a time-based design that makes you look different each time you visit, like a creature.

dancing dragon

The existing platform is located on the summit of 430m above see level. In addition, a dragon-like slope is set up to climb to the sky, and providing an unprecedented view. Due to its organic slope shape, it’s possible to enjoy the scenery from different heights as if you were riding a dragon and flying in the sky. The highest point is set on the south side, and you can feel the connection with the sea and also make a relationship with DAGUAN PAVILION PLATFORM.

A slope car is installed at the start point of Hundred Foot Ladder so that people in wheelchairs can also accelerate, and the newly designed dragon slope is planned with a slope of 1/12 or less.

The structure is made of steel in consideration of workability, and the exterior is made of copper in consideration of weather resistance. By making it a small panel, it can be used for organic shape such as dragon skin.

dancing dragon
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