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small forest


123 architects has realised a jewellery pop-up shop set up at a flower shop in Shanghai. The design is forest-inspired, aiming to offer visitors a refreshing and the experience like strolling in the forest. The jewellery displays are made by numerous warm colored columns of various size. Resembling trees in the forest, these columns also provide showcases for the jewellery: looking closer, there is a mirror hidden in each hollow tree trunk reflecting the jewellery items. This gives an illusion that the items were floating inside the trunks. There is also an opening the bottom the column so that flowers can be displayed. The columns are made of wood. This column was tested several materials; foam by CNC and metal etc, however, eventually decided handmade wood because it brought warmth to the space, and the columns look as thin and light as possible to enhance the sense of airiness. 

The façade glass is designed with a free-curving frame that resembles fog front of indoor small forest. In addition to space design, we also designed small flower bags in the same design language.

It is of utmost importance to be able to create the depth of the space organically in a tiny space, and recreating the experience of treasure hunting in a forest. Customers can discover the unique jewellery in the woods.

project data

realization: 2021

location: shanghai, china

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