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composition: stainless / acrylic



A creature with subtle functionality, born from lines that hover freely like someone’s SIGNATURE.

This creature, crafted from steel pipes, embodies a distinct presence while doubling as furniture, seamlessly blending into its surroundings as if it had always belonged there.

Created from pipes with functional furniture elements, it emanates a lightness through reflective surfaces and organic forms, embodying handcraft.

Handcrafted and liberated from geometric constraints, these imperfect lines feel both familiar and unprecedented.


Stainless steel pipes gracefully dance in three dimensions, providing structural strength as furniture. They support acrylic seats, tabletops, and lighting components, creating an unconventional piece with a simple composition.

To ensure stability and maintain a soft impression, details include spherical endings on the stainless steel pipes. The acrylic tabletop of the coffee table, constructed solely from pipes and acrylic, undergoes a meticulous process. The pipe's shape is first crafted, then precisely scanned digitally to tailor the acrylic to fit, ensuring a secure and immovable tabletop.

The lighting element of the floor lamp takes on a toroidal shape, coated with a cocoon-like material to emit a gentle, soft glow.

It embodies freedom, guided by the heart’s whims, seemingly born of chance. Despite its digital origin, the unmistakable imprint of handcrafted uniqueness defines this one-of-a-kind design.

project data

realization: 2023

location: beijing, china

composition: stainless / acrylic

photos: Wen Studio / 123 architects

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